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We have the experience

At The Hypnotic Centre, we have successfully been using clinical hypnotherapy since 1995.

The programs that we offer at The Hypnotic Centre include the following: Hypnosis can help

  • Stop Smoking with ‘The Winkler Hypnotic Method’
  • Weight Loss - ‘The Virtual Gastric Band Program’
  • Help to overcome Marijuana addiction
  • Stop Drinking Alcohol or reduce alcohol intake
  • Help with Anxiety
  • Childbirth
  • Improve Study Habits, or Overcome Exam Anxiety
  • Help overcome Gambling addiction
  • Self Confidence And Self Esteem
  • Business Skills And Career Confidence
  • Stop Nail Biting
  • Improve Sleeping Patterns for people with Insomnia

And much more

Stop Smoking       Lose weight with the Virtual Gastric Band

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a technique which aims to change patterns of behaviour or beliefs, held within the sub-conscious mind, thus enabling negative thoughts, habits, phobias, or irrational fears to be overcome. Many misconceptions exist about hypnosis, and much of this comes from what we see in movies and on television. You must remember that the directors of these movies and the television programs are trying to entertain people, rather than inform them about the subject of hypnosis. This results in people developing false impressions and total misunderstandings about hypnosis. You are never out of control and never under some sort of unconscious spell. In fact, you are totally in control at all times and are totally aware of what is happening around you the whole time.

Are there any side effects?

The only side effect from hypnotherapy is complete relaxation. No, there are no side effects.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Anybody of reasonable intelligence can be hypnotised as long as they want to be hypnotised, and, as long as they allow themselves to be hypnotised. Nobody has the power to make you do anything that you don’t want to do, and nobody has the power to put you into a hypnotic state. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so the only person who can put you into a hypnotic state is you. The hypnotherapist only acts as the guide to help you enter the hypnotic state. You have the power to choose to enter into a hypnotic state, stay in the hypnotic state, and come out at will. Your willingness, belief and motivation to achieve an outcome have a powerful effect in helping you enter the hypnotic state and achieve your goal. The way enter into a hypnotic state is firstly to allow yourself to relax as much as you possibly can, and secondly to follow all of the suggestions that will be given to you during the hypnotherapy session. As long as you allow yourself to do those two things, you should find that you will enter into a pleasant, deeply relaxed hypnotic state.

During the hypnosis session, you are not unconscious. You cannot be made to divulge any information, or do anything against your will whilst you are in the hypnotic state. In fact, you have the power to come out of the hypnotic state at will, whenever you wish to. Hypnosis is not satanic or religious orientated, it is just a method to direct your inner mind toward your positive goal or desired outcome.

You have probably been in a state, similar to a hypnotic state, thousands of times in your life time without even realising it. For example, there probably have been times at home where you have been lying on the couch with your eyes closed, in a nice deeply relaxed state, maybe the TV or the radio has been on in the background, you are not quite awake, and not quite asleep, you are just in a nice deeply relaxed state….. That is very similar to a hypnotic state. It’s a little bit like the state you are in when you meditate, a little bit like the state you are in when you are day dreaming.
Once a person has been guided into the hypnotic state, the subconscious level of the mind becomes more susceptible to suggestions. The person is totally aware of what the hypnotist is saying and the suggestions are received by the subconscious mind. The suggestions have a powerful effect in releasing those thoughts, imprints and impressions that have been causing the problem.